Jen & Ink Student Showcase

Hi there.  How are you?  

Hundreds of people from all over the world have taken the Jen & Ink online drawing courses. (How cool is that? The internet is amazing.) I pinch myself every time someone purchases one of my courses. They like me. They really like me!  

In celebration of those Jen & Ink students, I thought it would be fun to showcase some student work here on the blog. I also asked them to share a bit about their experiences with one or both of the e-courses.

So, without any further adieu…..

Here’s the Jen & Ink Student Showcase!

Click on the images to see more work by that student. (Not all have links.)

WARNING: Jen and Ink e-course may be addictive
I was fascinated with Jennifer’s beautiful ink drawings. When she came out with her E-course I jumped at the chance to try it out. Jen is a fabulous teacher and explains her methods very well. In addition she added a student forum. It has become a lovely community where we can share our work and discuss our progress. Yes, I am addicted.
— Carla Koyak. Palm Coast, Florida

The Jen and Ink e-courses are excellent learning tools to create contemporary pieces of art using ballpoint pens. The courses are easy to follow having both written instructions and videos.

The first course provides tutorials on how to develop the technique while the second course concentrates on creating colour palettes to compliment the techniques learnt in the first course.

It is not necessary to have any previous art or drawing knowledge for these courses. All that is required is smooth paper, a few ballpoint pens and a willingness to learn.
— Polly Proctor, Barnstaple, England

Rachell Johnston
I have taken both of the courses offered, and find myself going back to them often. It seems every time that I do so, I find more to learn. Sometimes I listen to the course while other times I watch without the sound, just because I seem to keep finding important things in them that somehow I missed before.I love that we can go back to them as we need.

I have PTSD and an anxiety disorder. These classes have helped me to be able to focus on something else when I start to have a hard time. I’m able to completely immerse myself in this art, and kind of get lost in the safe space it provides for me in these moments.

I love, love, love these classes! The Facebook group is amazing, and Jen is always ready and willing to help when needed. I absolutely recommend to everyone. Well worth the price.
— Rachell Johnston, Spokane, Washington

Celia Grant
The Jen & Ink Colour Course is definitely something that artists should try if they are looking for something different to do. In this course Jennifer goes through each lesson with such ease, making you want more. I like how she introduces colour and explains how the colours on the colour wheel interact with each other and the techniques in applying colour ink such as layering, to to get different effects. I enjoyed the course and guess what? I keep going back to refresh myself. I recommend Jen & Ink Colour’s definitely something to try.
— Celia Grant, Kingston, Jamaica

I’ve never met artists that work in the same style as Jennifer. So I was greatly impressed by the uniqueness and originality of this technique. I found that the drawing process is very meditative. I recommend the course to everyone who has a desire to make something very showy in short terms and using only pen and a piece of paper.
— Dmitrij Chistobaev, Glubokoye, Belarus

When I first saw Jen’s work come across my Pinterest feed, I was mesmerized and wanted to learn how to do it too. I immediately started searching for more of her work and scoured her instagram page for process videos and pics trying to figure out how she did it. So I was elated when she came out with her first e-course! She clearly broke down the stroke, composition and coloring; I loved that she took the time to show, in real time, how she creates her art.  I devoured the whole course in one sitting and was “couch-drawing” that evening, going back to different segments to clarify different things. It was such a pleasure to watch and learn from her and to begin to create work that is so satisfying.  
— MaryAnn Lockard, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Marlea Buckner

Marlea Buckner

I have always loved crafts and wished I was skilled at drawing. After trying a variety of methods that were all closer to realism and being dissatisfied, I discovered Jennifer’s method of abstract drawing and jumped right in. Jennifer explains and demonstrates her method clearly and encourages each student to make it their own. I’m also a super pen geek, so this gives me an excuse to buy any pen that captures my attention. If you don’t want to be constrained by “art rules”, then this is where you need to be!
— Marlea Buckner, Lawrenceville, Georgia

I have very much enjoyed Jennifer’s, Jen & Ink in Color Course... I have found it to be not only easy to follow, but so much fun to learn! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys art.
— Toni Mau, Plato, Minnesota

I purchased Jen & Ink and have watched it over and over! I absolutely love it!

I feel it’s important to tell people when their lives enhance your own. Not only has this course taught and inspired me so much but it has also helped me with my anxiety. I have tried everything from zen tangles to henna and I have never experienced anything like I have since discovering Jennifer’s art and technique.

Everyone is different but for me I found a place I didn’t know existed! A wonderful peace and calmness...Thank you so very much for sharing your beauty with the world!
— Marsha Clemans, Cañon City, Colorado

Jen & Ink in Color is the perfect follow up course as it builds on the techniques learnt in the original and shows how to use two or more colors in your drawings. Absolutely love it and highly recommended if you want to take your art further.
— Tracy Radcliffe, Runcorn, England

I love the flow of Jennifer’s work, so I took her e-course. Her instructions were clear and it was easy to imitate her pen strokes once they were broken down into digestible chunks. I also appreciate having continued access, I have gone back several times to review areas I want to practice more. Additionally the Facebook group has been invaluable. I appreciate that Jennifer has continued to be available to offer advice. It’s well worth the small investment!
— Sherrina Hansen, Fresno, California

I have completed both of Jennifer’s e-courses and love both of them. I find this form of art is relaxing and I love how different each piece can be. I am still learning, but Jennifer is very precise in her teachings and encourages you to keep going and gives great feedback. I would recommend to anyone to give it a go, I am thoroughly enjoying this new found addiction.
— Nerralyn Skinner, Mudgee, Australia


Umme Leena, Islamabad, Pakistan

Thank you kindly!

Thank you students for the kind words and for letting me share your work here.

If seeing all of this lovely student work has inspired you, consider taking one or both of my ballpoint drawing courses. Find more information about them right HERE.

Until next time, Jen

P.S. Are you a Jen & Ink Student who would like to have your work featured here? Send me an email! I’d love to include your work in this showcase.