Jello Shots

Hello friends.

Not too much to report this week. I've had little time for art, but did manage to list this new cutie. "On a Sunny Afternoon" was created last week on a particularly bright and sunny afternoon. Its now for sale in the Etsy shop for just $25.00.

I'm working on applying to several art shows for the summer. If things work out right, I will have a show lined up for May, June, August and September. I hope I can make enough inventory!

I'm sure y0u're wondering at this point why I titled this post "Jello Shots." Did I have some during my St. Paddy's day celebration? Is "Jello Shots" a title to my newest work? Nope.. My parents hosted a potluck party for their friends yesterday and the theme was St. Patrick's day. What says St. Patrick's day more than lime Jello shots make with Apple Pucker! Yes, my mother made and served Jello shots. She is a wild one!

Lazy Day

Yesterday was quite an eventful day. School and art supply shopping in Schamburg and then a Cubs game at Wrigley. What should have been the most fun part of the trip (the game itself) was pretty much a nightmare! The Phillies opened the game wide open in the 4th inning, with two 3-run homers and 8 total runs. Embarrassing!

After yesterday's overindulgences, I'm feeling pretty lazy today. I was so unmotivated this morning I even skipped yoga. I never skip yoga! Shame on me. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself, realizing that soon I really won't have time to be lazy. Next week is my last week of freedom before the onslaught of school!

I leave you with my newest piece "A Mod Spot." It seems like a nice place to waste away a lazy summer day.