We Bought a Fixer - Guest Bathroom Gut

Hi there! How are you?
 It was a long time coming, but I am happy to report that our guest bathroom remodel is complete! 

 You may recall the creepy space we started with. (Read more here.)

Quite a transformation....Isn't it? 

The vanities came from Ikea.

We really like how the narrow sinks work in this long, skinny room.

I dig the little towel hooks and metal tray that came with the sink.
Adds a little bit of "counter space" for a guest. 

The tile may look familiar to you.
We used the leftovers from the kitchen  to do this job.
We used a dark grout to give it a little more contrast. 

 The creepy brown "lowboy" toilet......

....was replaced by a "comfort height" water saving one. 

The carpet was replaced with tile. (Yes, there was carpet in 2 of our 3 bathrooms.) Gross! 
We used something very similar to what we have in our kitchen. 

The tired cast-iron pink tub......

......was replaced with a white tub and gray surround. 

This is the only part of the bathroom we didn't do ourselves.
We paid a plumber to install the tub, surround & shower fixtures.


We got this Italian - English translation shower curtain for a wedding present. 
Love how it works in this bathroom. 

We're pretty darn proud of our new guest bath.
Come visit, and you can use it!

Ta-ta for now!