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Illustrated Stories - Floral Improv #20

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In my weekly series "Illustrated Stories" I have discussed my bird series, my abstract collages,  and my long running chair series. Today, I'm sharing some of my earliest mixed media work, my Floral Improv series.

Floral Improv #20 mixed-media collage.

Floral Improv #20 mixed-media collage.

This is how it looks, unframed.

This is how it looks, unframed.

Floral Improv #20

This is one of the oldest unsold pieces in my collection, and I do things much differently now than I did back in 2009 when this was created. As you can see, this piece is framed, instead of mounted on cradled hardboard as I did more recently. And look at how I signed it. I didn't even know Matt at the time. Seems like ages ago now!

This piece measures just 2.5" x 3.5" and is framed to 6" x 8".

This piece measures just 2.5" x 3.5" and is framed to 6" x 8".

Flower Power

The year was 2008. I started an Etsy shop, and ACEO's were all the rage.  ACEO's, short for Art Card, Editions and Originals are small, trading card-sized pieces of art.  Measuring just 3.5 by 2.5 inches, it was an easy and inexpensive way to collect original art.

At the time, I was still teaching, and I could quickly whip up an ACEO during my spare time or even when my students were working. Priced at $12-$20 unframed, my little floral collages sold well on Etsy. In fact,  2009 was the best year I've had on Etsy to date. 

Here is a collection of my floral improvs from 2008:

A collection of floral themed collages from 2008.

A collection of floral themed collages from 2008.

Magazines and Microns

Shown here at life size,  you get an idea for how small these pieces really are.

With the exception of the the background paper, all of the collaged elements came from magazine. There are lots of old Domino magazine snippets in there! Oh how I loved that magazine.

Once all of the paper bits were glued in place, I would add detail with Micron pens. I was pretty obsessed with stipple at the time. Sometimes, I would also add a little bit of white colored pencil or gel pen. I loved the way the white popped on dark backgrounds. These ink embellishments gave these pieces life, movement, and personality. This was my favorite part of the process. 

Floral Improv mixed-media collages from 2009.

Floral Improv mixed-media collages from 2009.


I called these pieces "improvs" as they were never based on real life flowers. Instead they were improvisational riffs on flower like shapes, cut freehand with scissors from colorful bits of magazine. There was never a real plan in mind when I began these pieces, it really all depended on what kind of colors and patterns I'd find.

Just 3 left!

This is one of just three Improvs that still remain in my collection. At $25, this would make a great gift to yourself or someone you love!

Here's the listing. Go shop now!

Floral Improv #20 - Original Mixed-Media Collage
25.00 40.00

This tiny piece of original art with a floral motif is on sale! (Original art makes a fabulous gift.) Made back in 2009, this collage was part of a large series of floral themed pieces. Read more about this piece and the series here.

THE DETAILS: This one of a kind collage was created with bits and pieces of magazine paper, adhered to white textured cardstock with rounded corners.    All pieces are glued onto the paper using a neutral pH PVA adhesive (no yellowing will occur). Embellishments were then added with a Micron pen. With a saw-tooth hanger on the back, it comes ready to hang or can sit on a ledge or shelf.

Collage itself measures 2.5" x 3.5"
Framed dimensions: 6" x 8"

THE SHIPPING: Your piece will be wrapped in a handmade fabric bag, carefully packaged in a sturdy box, and shipped to you via USPS mail with insurance and a tracking number. I take great care to make sure my pieces are wrapped and shipped securely.

OTHER INFORMATION: Please be aware that while I do my best to photograph the colors true-to-life, all monitors display colors differently, please allow some variation between what you see on your screen and what you see in real life.

Please contact me with any questions.

Copyright © Jennifer Johansson
All Rights Reserved.

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Collage is calling again

I've recently felt the urge to pick up the scissors and glue again. I want to work abstractly and intuitively, without constraints. I want to work with color. You may just see some collage show up in my Instagram feed soon!

Until next week friends. Ciao!