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Better Late than Never - A New Mother's Day Card

Illustrated Mother's Day Card with Female Cardinal
Illustrated Mother's Day Card with Female Cardinal

Hi There. How are you?

I know I am super late to the party, but I decided to whip up a new Mother's Day Card. Featuring a sweet momma cardinal, this is sure to please your bird-lovin' momma. I actually made this with my grandmother in mind. She loves all things birds.

These cards are up for sale in my


shop and can be purchased at

Day Shift

, right here in Carbondale. I will also be selling these in my booth at the

Art Fair at Laumeier, 

which happens in St. Louis over Mother's Day weekend. You won't believe how many of these puppies I'll sell there. Yahoo for procrastinators!

OK. Gotta get back to pumping out artwork! Ta-Ta for now.

My Hometown Art Fair this Weekend!

Hi there. How are you?

I'm excited to be heading my hometown of Rockford, Illinois this weekend for the Greenwich Village Art Fair. This is my favorite fair of the year! Find me in booth 90, right across from the Point Lounge. I will debut some brand new, never before seen pieces at Greenwich. Be excited! I am!

As you may be able to tell, I'm feeling much better and more confident since my last post.  There's been no miraculous improvement in my business, but I've simply realized (again) that I like making art, and I'll continue to make it. Sales will come! Until then, I'm keeping my head down and enjoying the artmaking process. Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces in Rockford this weekend.  Ta-Ta for now.

Art Fairs are a Tough Way to Make a Living.

Hi there. How are you? Me....I've been better. 

2 years ago, I quit my teaching job. We moved 300 miles away from home, so my husband could start a new career. I was hoping to make art a full time gig in our new surroundings. 2 years later, I'm feeling dejected and pretty lost. Full time artist, I am not. 

Art fairs were part of my full time artist plan. I had been doing a fair or two each year while I was still teaching and had much success. (I won "Best of Show" in the first art fair I ever participated in.) Now....I'm not so sure about the art fair gig. Let me explain.

I spent this past weekend participating in an art fair in Chicago. This should have been a good show for me, or so I thought. It was a well run, well promoted fair, with a great reputation in a well-to-do Chicago neighborhood. I was surrounded by high caliber artists and I was excited. Conditions seemed ideal for sales. 

Before I get to the bad news,  I'm happy to report that I did sell this Male Cardinal original! (I knew this guy was special and would sell quick. I did this piece just a week before the show.) Otherwise, this fair was a bust..... I  didn't make enough money to cover the application and booth fees I had to pay to participate in this show. This was the second fair in a row this summer that I've lost money doing. Ouch. 
I've had bad art fairs before. Plenty, in fact. But there seemed to be a very logical reason why those shows turned out bad. The show was poorly promoted, the fair attendees were not my target demographic,  or I was placed in a really bad spot with no traffic. There seems to be no excuse for this one. It's hard not to take this one personally......I start questioning my skills as an artist and a salesman.  I wonder if it will ever be possible for me to make it as a full time artist. I have my home town art fair in 2 weeks time. This usually is my most profitable show every year. But after 2 really bad shows, I'm even worried about this one. I'm losing my confidence.

There are plenty of people out there who make their living at art fairs. I have some ceramicist friends that have been doing the art fair circuit full time for 20 years. I just don't think I will be one of those people. It is so much work and travel for so little reward! I know I don't have the constitution for that!

I'm at a crossroads. After 2 years, I've spent much more money on fees, travel expenses and supplies than I've made participating in art fairs. My credit card debt is ballooning and it doesn't seem fiscally responsible for me to continue to pursue many more art fairs. Matt and I can't afford for me not to make money!  If I'm going to make it as a full time artist, I need to find other revenue streams....But where? This is my current struggle. I'm feeling pretty lost right now. 

Don't worry, I'm not giving up, but I have to find a better way. Ta-Ta.