Greenwich Village

What a Great Weekend!

The rain came just as I had finished setting up my tent at the Greenwich Village Art Fair.   I zipped myself into the tent and held on for dear life so that the tent and I wouldn't be picked up by the fierce wind. (OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but the tent did move!) I feared that my bad art show karma, that made a mess of my last two outdoor events was again rearing its ugly head.  I was on the verge of a meltdown when the rain stopped, the winds died down and the sun tried to break through the clouds. Thank goodness! The weather behaved throughout the weekend, and the cloud cover actually kept things comfortable.

Aside from its blustery start, this show was nothing but fabulous. I made some good contacts, got great feedback from the fair goers,  and made some serious moola! I sold 12 original pieces, as well as a boatload of prints and card sets. I've never sold so much in a weekend. What a great feeling! It's so vindicating when others buy things that you've made. Thanks to all who came out to support me.

If you have ever considered doing the Greenwich Village show, I highly recommend it. It's very well organized, the staff is superb and they treat their artists very well.  I'll surely be back next year.

I'm now gearing up for my next gig, Frost and Friends on November 5th and 6th. More info will be forthcoming.

I'll leave you with some of the pieces I had to say goodbye to this weekend. I was a little sad to see them go, but know they are going to good homes and will be well loved.


New Art from the New Studio

Happy Labor Day weekend friends. Doesn't Sunday feel so much more relaxing when you know you don't have to work on Monday?

I survived my first week of school pretty much unscathed.  It's nice to just teach Juniors and Seniors who are interested in what we are doing. I know I'm spoiled teaching at a Catholic school. The problems I deal with are minuscule in comparison to my public school counterparts. I even had a student bake me a cake in the shape of a paint palette and two others bake cupcakes for my birthday this week! 

I managed to get some artwork done this week.  Meet "Let it Be." This is the first piece I've created in my new studio space. Matt has turned his basement into a great art studio and we both have room to spread out without getting in each others way. We both spent the afternoon yesterday working away. Its nice to have someone to talk to while I work.

"Let it Be" measures 7.5" x 9.5" and was created on an eggplant cardstock. This is a new color for me. I like the way the white ink pops on this deep color. This piece was designed to fit in a  11 3/4" x 15 3/4" Ikea Ribba frame. "Let it Be" is available for sale unframed in my Etsy shop, or find it framed September 18th and 19th at the Greenwich Village Art Fair.

Busy Bee

I was quite prolific this past weekend, and managed to create four new ACEO's. I'm on a kick with yellow right now. Yellow feels warm and summery, and reminds me that I will soon be on summer vacation!!!!

My first big show of the summer is right around the corner. Art on the Lawn takes place Sunday, June 13th on the Rockford College campus. I've got a new tent on the way and with the help of my trusty manfriend Matthew, will be putting the finishing touches this weekend on some panels to hang my work on. This outdoor show thing is certainly a lot of work! I am praying for a beautiful summer day and lots of eager art collectors to come my way. Mama needs some Italy spending money!!!

I found out today that I was accepted into the Greenwich Village art show at the Rockford Art Museum in September. I'm psyched and am looking forward to having another reason to use my tent.

Ta-ta for now!