We Bought a Fixer - Paint, Parents & Drywall

Hi. How are you?
We move to the new place in just a month's time! Ahh! 
Exciting, but there is still much to do. 
2 weeks ago, my parents came to town help us tackle some of the work. 

Here's my dad......

 .....And my mom. 
Dust really gives her sinus trouble, so she wore this mask the whole time she was in the house. 
She's a goof, just like me, and had no qualms at all about posing in the mask.  

Matt and my dad's mission was to replace drywall here and in the hallway.

Matt and I demo-ed out all of the bad drywall prior to my parent's arrival.
It was fun to be destructive. 

By the end of the weekend, we had new walls! Woo! 

Meanwhile, my mom and I worked on painting trim.........

.....and painting paneling. 
This room was so trapped in the 70's! See more here.

As we painted, the fireplace started looking more and more out of place. 
First, we decided to take down the mantle, which was strangely centered above the off-centered fireplace.

Then, we painted. So much better!

This was my mom's project. 
She cleaned it all out and primed the whole fireplace with brush. 
We don't know what we'll do with the red tile hearth yet.
For now, its staying. 

It was really fun to have my parents around and we got so much work done!
Having 2 extra pairs of hands was great. Thanks Mom and Dad!

What's up next?
Lots of painting and lots of flooring.

And what do you think about things so far?
We love to hear what you have to say!