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I'm back this week to showcase and sell another original work from my collection. This one comes from my Chevron series. Back in 2012 I couldn't get enough of the bold and graphic chevron motif. 

"Chevron in Blue" - mixed media collage.  Now on sale! Click through to purchase.

"Chevron in Blue" - mixed media collage.  Now on sale! Click through to purchase.

Chevron in Blue

This piece measures 10"x10" and was made out of patterned papers that I collected mainly from magazines. During this time, I had a huge hoard of magazines that I would scour over for good bits of color and pattern. This process eventually got too time-consuming, so I switched over to collecting and collaging with scrapbook paper instead. 

After adhering all of the collaged pieces onto the blue background, I drew in some faux "stitching" with a white gel pen. I've always loved the way the white pen pops on a dark surface. (Aww, I'm getting a little nostalgic for my white gel pens. I guess it's time to pull one out and draw with it again!)

This minimalist abstract collage would make a bold statement on a white wall, propped up on a mantle or in a grouping on a shelf. 

Now friends, go and buy this heavily discounted one of a kind collage! Here is the listing:

Chevron in Blue - Original Mixed-Media Collage
70.00 100.00

I had a major chevron phase back in 2012. In fact I think the whole design world was enamored with the chevron pattern at that time. This is one of several collages I created with this bold and graphic motif.

THE DETAILS: This original collage was created with bits and pieces of magazine paper, adhered to a royal blue paper. All pieces are glued onto the paper using a neutral pH PVA adhesive (no yellowing will occur). I then added white gel pen in a stitch like pattern and finished the piece with a protective UVA/UVB coating, so that the papers won't fade over time. This one of a kind collage measures 10" X 10" and is mounted on a 1.5"deep cradled wooden box. With a saw-tooth hanger on the back, it comes ready to hang or can sit on a ledge or shelf.

THE SHIPPING: Your piece will be wrapped in a handmade fabric bag, carefully packaged in a sturdy box, and shipped to you via USPS mail with insurance and a tracking number. I take great care to make sure my pieces are wrapped and shipped securely.

OTHER INFORMATION: Please be aware that while I do my best to photograph the colors true-to-life, all monitors display colors differently, please allow some variation between what you see on your screen and what you see in real life.

Please contact me with any questions.

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