You Can Never Have Too Many Throw Pillows!

Hi there. How are you?

I must admit, I have a little love affair with throw pillows. I've got quite a collection and I change them out with the seasons. They give a pop of color and personality to our neutral tan sofas.

Pillows on the couch
Pillows by Jennifer Johansson

Connections are Cool!

About a year ago, I started making my own pillows. I was working at a company here in Carbondale that produces dye-sublimated fabric graphics. I was able to take advantage of their state-of-the-art fabric printer and turn ten of my favorite illustrations into soft ultra-suede printed pillows.

Envelope Style Pillow Back

It's a "Family Affair"

This pillow-making adventure is actually a collaborative effort between me and my talented mother, Carla Mullin. She's does all of the sewing of these pillows and I couldn't have pulled this off without her!

Sewn with an envelope style back, each pillow features a different complementary fabric, many of which are vintage. I have fun hitting garage sales and thrift stores in search of vintage fabrics, tablecloths and even sheets.

Pillow product photos before and after editing

Sprucing up My Listings

Lately, I've been sprucing up my pillow listings on Etsy. By Photoshopping out the background of the photos entirely, I gave them an even brighter look and more clean look. 

On the suggestion of Etsy guru Danielle Spurge-Swavely, I also optimized my pillow images for  Etsy search and Pinterest, by adding text and making them vertical in orientation.

The Data

I haven't collected any definitive data yet to determine if the listing changes and updates I've made have positively effecting my stats. Anecdotally, it does seem like my optimized listing are getting more action and I'm really happy with the fresh look. Now let's just hope that translates to more sales!

Let's Have a Summer Sale!

I've taken 20% off all of my in-stock pillows. Yahoo! But you have to act fast. The sale price is only good until Monday, July 20th!  My pillows make lovely gifts. Yeah, I know it's July, but I've already started my holiday shopping!

That's it for now friends. Go shop! Ta-Ta!