Wedding Invites in the Works

Ciao, Ciao!

I've been blog delinquent for quite a while now. February seems to kick me in the butt every year. So much to do during this dreary month.

The wedding is now 3 months away! Matt and I finished up our wedding registries today with a trip to

Crate & Barrel.

We are both big fans of their overall modernist design sensibility. We had a great time touring around the store with the gun in hand.

We also went into Oak Park to visit the

Paper Source.

We picked up all the necessary envelopes and paper so I can get the wedding invites printed and put together. I made a prototype a little while back, which is seen here.  I'm now working on enclosures and a little pocket fold doo-dad to send everything off in.  I'll be sure to post a photo when they are all finished and in final form.

In other news, my show at


is up until March 19th. Stop by anytime the store is open (10-6 M thru Sat) to check it out.

Arrivederci friends!